Is MeetMe Really A Safe App for Your Children?

Is MeetMe Really A Safe App for Your Children?

17 نوفمبر، 2022
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Is MeetMe Really A Safe App for Your Children?

Over the past few years, the trend of online dating is increasing day by day. Whether it’s a casual meeting with strangers or going on a date with a random stranger, this trend is picking a great shot, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. We know it sounds cool to go on a date with a random stranger with whom you just met yesterday.

But, in reality, it’s the most dangerous act you could expect. An adult social media app, “MeetMe” has been launched on the internet that focuses on the same online dating concept. For your ease, in this article, we’ve written an ultimate MeetMe app review which will help you have a better understanding of this app and to know if MeetMe is safe for kids.

What is MeetMe?

MeetMe is a social media app that focuses on online dating concepts similar to Tinder. It allows the user to create their profile on the MeetMe application. After setting up the account, the users can easily search for their nearby MeetMe users through GPS. The users can randomly choose any person and send an invitation to them. If the corresponding user accepts the invitation, both can start a chat and meet physically anywhere they want.

Sounds cool! But, in reality, it’s the most mendacious act to perform, especially for kids under 18. Do you think meeting a random stranger physically with whom you met recently on an unverified dating app is safe? Of course not! But, unfortunately, MeetMe is getting on-trend, especially among teens and kids under 18. The parents of young Tinder users have question of is Tinder really safe for teens?

We received lots of concerns from the parents whose kids are using Tinder app, they questioned that is Tinder really safe for teens? However, at the same, we find that parents whose kids use MeetMe have the same concerns.

Why Do Many Kids Like MeetMe?

Now, you might have seen that many people, especially kids and teens, have started showing interest in this online dating app. The reason lies behind different factors such as the freedom to contact anyone without restriction and many more. Below we have highlighted some of the important reasons that we believe are the main reason why children love this app:

Creating New Dating Partners: The most common reason why too many teens and kids are attracted to MeetMe is for the intention of making their new friends online.

Sharing Multimedia: Of course, talking about social media, how can we forget about multimedia sharing? Like other social media applications, MeetMe also allows you to share multimedia.

Exploring: MeetMe doesn’t let you apply any haga clic en este aquí ahora privacy filter. Once created, your profile will be shown to the public, and any random stranger can contact you through the MeetMe inbox.

Instant Games: Many kids and teens use the instant games feature of MeetMe to meet with new people through the online multiplayer games of MeetMe.

Low Barrier To Sign-up: Kids enjoy taking part in activities that barely have any restrictions. When it comes to acquiring access to this software, there are no stringent requirements. It is easy for kids to join because it allows practically anyone with an email address to sign up.

Credits Scheme: MeetMe offers a credits scheme from which you’ll earn a small number of credits every time you meet and talk with new people. This policy is another main reason why people only prefer MeetMe to chat and date with their partners.

What Parents Should Know About MeetMe?

Before jumping into our next section, we would like to mention a few things in this article that parents might need to know about the MeetMe app. Specifically, if your kid is a user of MeetMe and dates with their MeetMe partners, the below section might be ideal for you:

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